Constructive PD delivers comprehensive recladding and facade remediation services to existing buildings in WA's South West.

Working with our design, manufacturing and installation team, we offer end-to-end service on projects of all scales and cladding types. We are committed to longevity and strength: from our people to our culture, to the relationships we build and projects we deliver.

Unsatisfied with producing the ordinary and mundane, we approach recladding with an innovative mindset to deliver projects with a point of difference. Constructive PD provides comprehensive recladding and facade remediation services to existing buildings in WA’s South West and beyond.


Some materials we commonly use include:

  • Composite aluminium
  • Composite timber
  • Solid timber
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Fibre cement
  • Other prefinished facade systems


Our extensive delivery team comprises more than fifty tradespeople who are trained and skilled in the compliant installation of cladding systems and working at heights from various access solutions.

From the start to the end of any contract, we pay particular attention to risk minimisation and impact on occupants. Working with highly-experienced project managers and supervisors, we ensure compliance across the board, including police clearances for all on-site members.

We work end-to-end, delivering efficient and compliant recladding solutions. Our process includes:

  • Identification of existing cladding materials
  • Establishing a scope of works
  • Access planning
  • Programming
  • Complete design and engineering certification of compliant cladding
  • Wall wraps, insulation and sub-framing
  • Execution of recladding
  • Recycling and disposal of non-compliant cladding
  • Handover

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