Capability Statement

Delivering the complex, the challenging, the innovative and the memorable scopes in WA's South West

Constructive PD (CPD) is a Tier 1 and 2 mass timber construction, façade and cladding contractor working on Western Australia’s largest construction projects across Perth Metro and Regional WA.

We are a modern and dynamic construction company that prides itself on our passion, our reputation and our values. We’re passionate about making our mark on landmark construction projects in the South West and about playing our part in delivering the complex, the challenging, the innovative and the memorable scopes.

Our small, highly-qualified team possess a wealth of local and international experience, ensuring we stay up to date with the latest technologies, materials and techniques. Constructive PD produce, supply and install industry-leading materials and designs to large-scale projects across the South West and WA’s regions. Our work – through clever design and a strong focus on durability and sustainability – has the power to transform towns and build up communities.

Our projects usually entail a multi-disciplinary scope of work on large-scale commercial projects. Working with the best builders in WA’s South West, we focus our energy on ensuring we meet and exceed client expectations. At Constructive PD, every job is custom fit to meet the needs of our clients: from delivery, to extensive off-site planning and preparation, to delivering outstanding workmanship onsite.

There is no better testament to this than every one of our clients inviting us to be involved in their next project time and again.

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